Saturday, 18 November 2017

This week has been anti-bullying week. During PSE sessions we discussed friendships and the importance of being caring and looking after one another.

The children have been enjoying practising their songs for their Christmas production.

In English, we had fun learning a variety of poems/rhymes and the children wrote their own ending to a rhyme centred on ‘The Gingerbread Man’.

Next week

In English, we will be looking at 'The Usborne Book of Big Machines'. The children will be learning about fire engines and discussing why information is ordered in alphabetical order. We will create a mind map of the information we knew and in a different coloured pen what we would like to find out. Throughout the week we will answer the questions. The children will draw a picture, name and label their truck along with a sentence and caption.

In Maths, the children enjoyed measuring numerous items using cubes, pencils and beads.

Next week

In Maths, the children will add and subtract numbers by 1, 2 and 3. In pairs the children will roll dice and added them up looking for number bonds to 10 or matching pairs or doubles.

Pre-learning: Practise counting on in 1s to add 1, 2 or 3 to another number making totals to 10.

In Geography, the children have learnt about the different types of farms and features of a farm and were very good in reading a map and symbols along with using a compass to navigate around the farm.

In D&T the children created a moving picture and they very much enjoyed making ‘The Gingerbread Men’ with Mrs Wells and of course the best part was eating them!

Have a great weekend

Mrs Beadle and Mrs Wells

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Apologies for not being in most of this week, unfortunately I had not been well but I’m on the road to recovery now. Mrs Wells has been teaching the class and would like to say the children have worked extremely hard and they had a busy week full of fun activities. I know the children were very much looking forward to making their gingerbread men, we have re scheduled this to this Thursday.

In English the children wrote a diary centered on 'The Gingerbread Man' along with creating a storyboard and learning to retell the story to each other. Mrs Wells told me, the children particularly enjoyed creating their own storyboards and acting out their recounts.

Next week in English we will start our poetry unit on patterns and rhymes based on a selection of traditional tales. The children will start with learning to recite Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat and Two Little Dicky Birds. We will look at the rhyming words and lay out of the poems. By the end of the week the children will learn to write a poem with a repeated phrase.

In Maths the children learnt their number bonds to 5, 6, 7 and 10. We looked at addition and subtraction during a variety of activities from toys, cubes and number lines.

Next week in Maths we will describe position and direction using appropriate vocabulary along with estimating lengths and heights using direct comparison.

Next week is Anti-bullying week. The theme is 'All different All equal.' We will be doing activities around the theme every day.

Next Friday is also 'Children in Need' the children can come in wearing something 'spotty.'
Have a great weekend
Mrs Beadle and Mrs Wells๐Ÿ˜Š

Friday, 3 November 2017

Hello welcome back, we have had another extremely busy week.

The children worked very hard on writing a recount of their chosen day from the half term.

Next week in English the children will write a diary entry from the 'Gingerbread man'. We will look at the repeated patterns, write in chronological order and sequence the story along with acting out the story. We are aiming to make and cook gingerbread men on Thursday!

In Maths the children practised ordering numbers and carried out various fun activities ordering objects in size and themselves.

Next week in Maths the children will complete activities for bonds to 5,6 and 10 using additional facts to solve word problems and find pairs which make 7.

Pre-learning if you have time please practise number bonds to 10 with your child.

Year One would like to thank Mr Chandegra for visiting us today. The children learnt how important it is to protect their eyes, the role of an optometrist and enjoyed labelling the parts of the eye.

If you are attending the firework display at school have a great time. If you're having your own display have a safe and happy one. Have a good weekend.

Mrs Beadle and Mrs Wells ๐Ÿ˜Š

Friday, 20 October 2017

Where has time gone, half term already!!!

It was lovely to see you all yesterday. I hope you found the meeting useful and enjoyed looking at the children’s books.

We have had another busy and exciting week finishing all out topics.

Thank you very much Mrs Chandegra for visiting us, the children enjoyed learning about Diwali along with decorating diyas, wearing bindis and sarries, Happy Diwali.

Here's a brief outline of what we will be learning about in the different curriculum areas up until Christmas:

English: We will continue our non-fiction recount. This first week the children will write a recount of a personal experience. They will write in the first person include adverbs of time, past tense and include connectives.

Maths: We will revise number and place value making teen numbers, comparing and ordering numbers to 20 then 30.

Science: Our topic is 'Seasons' Autumn and Winter. The children will observe the weather changes, seasonal changes (length of the day, clothes) and look at how the animals adapt in Winter. In addition we will be investigating, observing and experimenting ‘Light and Dark’. Children will learn that darkness is the absence of light and that in the absence of sunlight other light sources are seen more easily.

Geography: The new topic is 'At the farm'. The children will be exploring a working farm and learn about the features of a farm and use a map to navigate around a farm and think of the differences between life in the country and life in a busy town.

D&T: We will look at moving pictures centred on Traditional Tales and Christmas incorporating key vocabulary, levers, sliders and wheels. We will also make ‘Gingerbread men’.

RE: We will continue to study different religions and discuss a variety of festival events along with beliefs and practices.

Wishing you all a great half-term week, have fun

Mrs Beadle and Mrs Wells

Friday, 13 October 2017

Where has this half-term gone, it has flown by!

In English the children created their own list poems and in small groups they recited the poem‘Love it or hate it!’

Next week the children will write a recount centred on ‘How to wash their hands’. The children will write in chronological order and learn time use sequential words.

Within maths this week, the children enjoyed creating venn and carroll diagrams. We played activities with 2D shapes and the children described the shapes and used the shapes for symmetry.

Next week in maths the children will read and write numbers and number names to 20. We will identify one more and one less along with estimating objects.

We will finish off all the foundation subject units: Art (natural environment by sculpture Andy Goldsworthy) History (Toys from the past) RE (Belonging) Science (Animals and Humans).

Just a reminder the following children have sharing assembly on Monday at 9am:
Ava, Sienna Jones, Isabella, Benjamin, Louie and Costa.

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday morning or evening for parent consultation meeting.

The children also have the proofs of the individual and sibling photographs we had done a couple of weeks ago, check their book bags.

Have a great weekend

Mrs Beadle and Mrs Wells 

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Please see below the dates of this years sharing assemblies which give the children the opportunity to share with you their pieces of work which they are proud of. 

16th October
Ava, Sienna J, Isabella, Louie, Benjamin, Costa.

11th December
Rudra, Matilida, Lea A, Keyaan, Veronica, Daisy-Mae.

5th February
Maya, Gracie, Sam, Jack, April, Sienna B.

26th March
Sophie, Leo G, Bailey, Georgie, James.

21st May 
Freyja, Jake, Joseph, Henry, Niall and Anees.

Mrs Beadle

Friday, 6 October 2017

The Autumn weather has been glorious this week, the children enjoyed walking around the playground looking at the colourful leaves and we discussed the season Autumn.

In literacy the children have had great fun learning and reciting Worm poems, they also added their own actions.

 Next week we will look and discuss different poems and the children will make their own list poem.

In maths, the children have been doubling numbers and finding numbers 1 and 2 more than and less than a number.

Next week in maths we will recognise, name and describe squares, rectangles, circles and triangles. We will recognise basic line symmetry in pictures and shapes along with creating venn and carroll diagrams.

Have a great weekend

Mrs Beadle and Mrs Wells