Friday, 23 February 2018

Good afternoon, it was a very fun and productive week back.

In English the children enjoyed acting out and re writing the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ or ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. This was an independent activity and the children checked their work against the class targets.

Next week, in English the children will be listening to a story called 'Dragon Dinosaur', which has been told for hundreds of years in China. They will be re-telling parts of the story and they will share their favourite part of the story with their peers. The children will talk about the animals in the story and learn some facts about some of the deadliest animals that they could use in their story. We will then talk about and read a variety of traditional tales. One of the books we will read is called 'The house that Jack built'. The children will sequence the story and will choose their favourite traditional tale to write a sentence explaining why they have chosen that story.

Pre-Learning: Learn some facts about some of the deadliest animals or read some traditional tales.

In Maths we counted in 2's looking at pairs and even numbers. We carried out activities learning to count in 5/s and 10s. The child enjoyed looking at fractions and using paper and shapes to learn a half, quarter, 2 halves make a whole and 2 quarters make a half. 

Next week: The children will find and begin to know doubles to double 10. We will revise pairs to 5, 6,7,8,9 and 10.

Pre-Learning: Practice doubling numbers.

Spellings for Friday are:
Group 1: he, I, of.
Group 2: five, ride, like, time, side.

Thursday is World Book Day; the children can dress up as their favourite book character and bring in their favourite book. (No football outfits please).
Have a great weekend
Mrs Beadle and Mrs Wells

Friday, 9 February 2018

Hello all, we have had a busy and enjoyable week in year one.

This week in Maths, we learnt how to count on and back in 5's and 10's and we also began to count in 2's.

In English, we learnt rhyming poems and the children created their own rhyming sentences.

Spellings for the first week back are:
Group 1: to, said, in.
Group 2: extreme, even, these, theme, complete.

Here is a brief overview for the next term:

English: We will write our favourite traditional tale.

Maths: We will recognise odd and even numbers; count objects in 5's and 10's and begin to say 5 lots and 10 lots. We will also look at fractions, finding half, quarter and three quarters of shapes; begin to know that two halves and four quarters are a whole and that two quarters if a half.

Pre-Learning: When cutting or chopping food up discuss cutting the food into halves and quarters.

Science: Our topic is 'Seasons' looking at Spring and Summer.

 ICT: We will continue to be completed in a variety of subjects. The main objective is to understand that messages can be sent electronically over distances.

Geography: The children will be finding out more about the town, country and continent they live in. We will look at the world map and explore the features of the countries and capital cities of the UK and they will be finding out about their local area.

Art and Design: We will  focus on the artist, Kandinsky and the children will create their own pieces of art in the artists style.

RE: This will be centred around Easter, we will describe the things that are important to us and discuss what was important to Jesus, as well as reading some stories of his life.

Wishing you a fabulous, fun half-term
Mrs Beadle and Mrs Wells.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Good afternoon, we have had another busy week,

Home Learning. We have received some rooms and they look great :) The children will be presenting their rooms throughout next week. I look forward to hearing all about the making process.

In Literacy the children worked very hard completing their books 'Don't let the pigeon...' they thought of some interesting ideas!

Next Week

We will be learning about humorous poems. We will look at the poem 'Where teachers keep their pets' and discuss how punctuation helps us read a poem aloud. The children will be identifying rhyming couplets, adjectives and similes.

Pre-learning: To make a list of pets/animals along with matching rhyming words, ex. Fly/tie, cat/hat.

In Maths we discussed and looked at in detail 3D shapes (corners, edges, faces, curved, straight edges). The children had fun walking around the classroom finding 3D shapes and drawing them. In addition, we looked at the days of the week and months of the year.

Next Week

We will count on and back in tens from any number along with counting in 5s and 2s recognising multiples of 5. We will also estimate objects to the nearest 5 and 10.

On Monday morning it is sharing assembly for the following children: Maya, Gracie, Sam, Jack, April and Sienna-Mae Britton.

On Tuesday is Safer Internet Day for the school and we will discuss how to stay safe whilst using the internet.

On Wednesday is also open afternoon so please pop in with your child from 3.00-4.30 to look at your child's books.

On Thursday I look forward to seeing you all at our school Valentine's disco KS1 from 5-6pm.

On Friday will be the following spellings:
Group 1: the, and, a.
Group 2: made, came, same, take, safe.

Have a great weekend
Mrs Beadle and Mrs Wells

Friday, 26 January 2018

Good morning, we have had another busy week in year one.

In Literacy, the children enjoyed discussing and creating persuasive sentences to stay up a little longer. They particularly enjoyed acting out their sentences with a big persuasive voice; we have some wonderful actors/actresses. On Thursday together we discussed bossy verbs and played Simple Simon using instruction words. Today, the children followed more complex instructions and we looked at sentence starters first, then, after, that and finally.

Next week

Literacy: We are going to read, 'Don't let the Pigeon drive the bus'. The children will be learning how to give verbal instructions to a partner using time words and record them by drawing and writing their instructions. In the middle of the week, the children will write a few sentences explaining why they think Pigeon shouldn't drive the bus.

In Maths, we looked at two-digit numbers and counted on with numbers up to 100. We worked as a class on problem solving questions through stories.

Next week

Maths: We will name, recognise and know properties of 3D shapes: cube, cone, cylinder and sphere. During the end of the week we will order and name the days of the week and months of the year.

Pre-learning: To practise writing the days of the week and months of the year.

Spellings for next Friday are:
Group 1: an, can, fan.
Group 2: boy, toy, enjoy, annoy, destroy.

Just a reminder home learning shoe boxes are due in by Wednesday 7th February.

Have a great weekend
Mrs Beadle and Mrs Wells 

Friday, 19 January 2018

Good afternoon, we have had a fun and creative week.

In Literacy the children enjoyed reading the book, 'We all went on Safari' and made their own animal, number books. Together, we discussed a variety of African animals and collectively used lots of adjectives to describe what we could see and hear if we were on safari. The children sequenced the pictures correctly in their books and they wrote descriptive sentences underneath. On Monday in ICT, the children will create their animal front cover.

Next week

In Literacy, we will be reading 'Don't let the pigeon stay up late' and 'Don't let the pigeon drive the bus' by Mo Willems. Following on from these stories the children will try to remember some of the reasons and excuses they make or might make when they do not want to go to bed. They will create persuasive sentences starting with 'because...' to stay up a little later. During the week we will look at the punctuation used in the stories and the children will write their own sentence in a speech bubble using an exclamation mark; along with writing sentences containing bossy verbs. On Friday the children will listen to and follow instructions, they will give their partners instructions using the words: first, then, after, that and finally.

In Maths this week we have carried out numerous activities using a variety of resources (number line, pegs, coins, cubes, dice, stories, games and number cards) to support the children's learning for number bonds to 10 and 20 and solving addition and subtraction problems.

Next week

In Maths we will be adding by putting the larger number first and counting on up to 100. We will count on from 2 digit numbers and add a 1 digit number to a 2 digit number.

If possible, please could you practise number bonds to 10 or 20 with your children to consolidate their learning as they found this quite challenging.

Spellings for Friday next week are
Group 1: am, ham, jam.
Group 2: day, play, say, way, stay.

Have a fun weekend

Mrs Beadle and Mrs Wells

Friday, 12 January 2018

It has been another fun, busy week for Year One!

In English, we have had great fun reading 'Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain' this week. The children learnt the text very quickly and joined in with the repetition phrase. The children drew a storyboard of the sequence of the story in small groups and we looked at the nouns and adjectives.

Next week, we will continue to read books set in Africa. The children will be writing/completing sentences using adjectives, learning about Africa and making animal books, containing number names and adjectives.

Pre-Learning: If possible could your children bring in any facts or information on African animals.
In maths the children enjoyed playing various activities learning 2 more and 2 less and created their own number bead line.

Next week, we will revise 5, 6, 7,10 and doubles to double 6.

In Science the children have been enjoying exploring and learning about different types of materials.

Just a reminder please could I have a photo of your house for our display.

Spellings for Friday are:
Group 1: bag, rag, wag.
Group 2: oil, join, coin, point, soil.

Have a great weekend

Mrs Beadle and Mrs Wells 

Friday, 5 January 2018

Good afternoon,

I would like to inform you that we will be starting spellings in class next week.
This week’s spellings are:

Group 1: dad, had, sad.
Group 2: rain, wait, train, paid and afraid.
(The children are aware of their groups)

We will practise the words within the class each morning; however, the children can also practise these at home. The test will be carried out on Fridays.

Please if at all possible could you read daily with your child as the children are showing more eagerness in reading in school.
Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Beadle and Mrs Wells