Friday, 26 May 2017

What gorgeous weather let’s hope it lasts for half-term!  I hope you enjoyed looking at your children's books; they have been working very hard.

Next summer term in English the children will be learning to recite, look at the punctuation, alliteration, layout of a variety of poems and they will create their own poems based on nature. The children will learn to write formal and informal letters along with learning animal facts using their ICT skills.

In Maths the first week back to school, the children will be completing activities on number and place value. They will be solving place value additions and subtractions, ordering and comparing 2 digit numbers.

Pre-Learning: If you have a moment during the holidays could you play any number bond games, you can find some on the internet. Write out numbers such as 0,10; 5,5; 2,8; 3,7; 4,6 on little bits of paper and get your child to match them up to make number bonds to 10. This could also be extended to make number bonds to 20.

In Science we will begin a new topic about seasonal changes. We will recap Autumn and Winter and learn in more depth about Spring and Summer looking at our climate and making charts to record the weather. We will also look at shadows.

In Geography, Barnaby Bear will be taking lots of trips to different countries to find out about their culture. The children will be looking at Europe, continents, capital cities and the different cultures that surround them. We have introduced Barnaby Bear to the class and some children have already had the experience of Barnaby Bear having a sleepover with them. Every child will have an opportunity to take Barnaby Bear home; please could your child write a few sentences that night to explain what or where they have taken Barnaby.
Barnaby is very excited about his forthcoming adventures!

In Art and D&T the children will learn about the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, they will create their own fruit faces and then blend the fruit which they have cut and make smoothies. This will link with PSHE healthy eating.

In PSHE the children have been learning about keeping clean, healthy and active. If possible please could your child bring in a photograph of them either washing their hands, eating healthy or being active.

We will continue to look at phonics every day.

Pre-Learning: During the half term please could you continue to practice the sounds on the blog. You could also play a phonics game:
Where your child has to recognise if the word is a real or alien word.

Spellings for Friday after half term are: girl, bird, shirt, first and third.

I hope you all have a lovely half term break!
From the Year 1 Team :)

Monday, 22 May 2017

Sorry forgot to include on previous blog.

Spellings for Friday are: better, under, summer, winter and sister.

Hope your enjoying the weather
Mrs Beadle

Friday, 19 May 2017

Where has the sun gone!  This week has been science week and the children have worked very hard. The children have planted tomato plants, runner beans and cress seeds. They have made cress sandwiches, carried out lots of experiments including dying carnations and who can build the tallest tower only using marshmallows and spaghetti ( this did get a bit messy!). The children also attended a workshop by GEO Bus where they discussed various rocks which the children could touch and look at in detail through a magnify glass.

Next week in science we will walk around the field and record the flowers, plants and trees we find. The children will draw and label a tree along with learning about evergreen and deciduous trees.

In English the children created their version of Jack and the Beanstalk on a storyboard and acted them out, they also started to plan their story.

Next week the children will finish their planning and write their story. We will start to look in detail at traditional poems and rhyming couplets. The children will recite their chosen rhyming couplet and act it out to the class.

In Maths, the children had fun learning about capacity and weighing various objects around the classroom.

Next week the children will be learning fractions,  ratio and proportion.

Pre-Learning - It would be really helpful if you could continue to go over number bonds to 20 with your child and play any number bond games, as at the beginning of our maths lessons the children are going to continue to practice their number bonds.

On Monday it is sharing assembly at 9.00am for the following children: Louie, Jeslyn, Jasper, Beth and Nassor.

Have a wonderful weekend
From the year one team :)

Friday, 12 May 2017

Good afternoon to all,

In English the children have created their own version of Cinderella, we had some very imaginative ideas; the prince arrives at the ball in a sports car and the prince left behind an expensive watch!

Next week, the children will listen to the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. They will create their own version changing the characters and animals, create a storyboard and write their story including a beginning, middle and end.

In Maths the children learnt methods to add three different numbers and looked at number bonds up to 20.

Next week, the children will compare weights by direct comparison using scales, cubes, various objects and estimating first. They will use the vocabulary: light, lighter, lightest, heavy, heavier and heaviest.

Next week is science week, we will be growing beans, cress and adding food colouring to flowers plus labelling plants. The children will be carrying out lots of experiments, predictions along with measuring the growth of the beans and creating tally and bar charts.

Pre-Learning: please could you walk around your garden or park and discuss with your child the different flowers/plants that can be seen to support their learning.

Next week is national walk to school week, we are encouraging all children that are able to, to walk to school.

Spellings for Friday are: her, term, verb and person.

Have a great weekend
From the Year One Team :)

Friday, 5 May 2017

Good afternoon we have had another busy creative working week.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their class trip to Mill Green Museum, they were beautifully behaved and a pleasure to take. 

In maths the children added 1 and 2 digit numbers together and we looked deeper in to the understanding of number value at the 10s and 1s column.

Next week we will add three small numbers looking for pairs of 10 and doubles along with adding and subtracting 10 to and from 2 digit numbers.

Pre-learning : practise number bonds to 10 and 20.

In literacy the children learnt how to write a re-count using time related vocabulary centred around 'How to wash your hands' and 'Our trip to Mill Green museum'.

Next week we will be looking at Traditional Tales, we will start with Cinderella. The children will 
discuss in detail the story along with sequencing the story and writing short sentences including adjectives.

Spelling for Friday are: head, bread, meant, instead, read.

Have a great weekend
From the Year 1 team;)

Friday, 28 April 2017

Well,  I am sure you will agree the children were amazing they worked very hard learning their lines, included expression and drama in their superheroes assembly this morning. I would like to thank you for all your support.

I wish to introduce Miss Munns a student Teacher who has joined our class and will be with us until June.

In Maths this week the children completed a variety of sums using the 100 square, number beads, money and number line. They learnt to add and subtract by 10 from any number by only amending the 10s column and not the 1s column.

Next week, the children will complete numerous activities using a range of resources to add 1 and 2 digit numbers involving lots of questioning and problem solving.

In English we will write a recount on our trip to Mill Green in chronological order using time vocabulary.

On Wednesday morning we are visiting Mill Green Museum, we will be returning back to school for lunch.

Spellings for next Friday are: see, tree, green, meet and week.

Have a great long weekend
The Year One Team J

Friday, 21 April 2017

Welcome back, I hope you had a great Easter break.

Next week is our class assembly which will be taking place at 9.00 am on Friday 28th April and we look forward to seeing you all. The children have been practising and we will continue to practise next week during our literacy as part of their learning, the story relates to our topic on Superheroes.

In Maths, we will identify patterns on a 100 square and find 1 more, 1 less, 10 more, 10 less than any 2 digit number.

A reminder that on Monday is class photographs, please could you ensure your child is in winter uniform. Thank you.

Home learning, if at all possible please continue to practise phonics with your children.

Spellings for Friday are: sea, dream, meat, each and read.

On Tuesday we have a visiting author (Eamonn Reilly) who will talk about his writing in assembly.  

Have a great weekend

From the Year One Team :)